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    Kodak Site

    I am dipping my toes back into photography. I bought a new Kodak V1003 camera last June. During the storm in Gilette that camera was destroyed. When I returned home, I replaced it with a new Kodak 1033. It seems to be a nice camera. Part of the package includes acess to Kodak's site. I can upload pictures to share with others and purchase prints if necessary. Uploading is free. My question is: what, if any, disadvantages are realized by using a free site like Kodak's verses a pay for site like Smug-Mug? I would like to be able to post pics on this site. How do I go about that using the Kodak site? Any help is appreciated.

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    I can't help you with the Kodak site. If I have a chance, I'll look at it tomorrow. Uploading pictures is usually a pretty straight-forward affair. Once you get the hang of it, it's business as usual.

    In general, the pay sites are faster, more reliable, have fewer ads, etc. You get what you pay for. Lots of folks here use free sites and complain about them very little. I guess if I were you, I would try the Kodak site. If I were dissatisfied, I might try a pay site like SmugMug.

    I have a smugsite and it's been great for me.

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    The process to linking a picture is pretty standard across the board, once loaded onto the web site, right click on the picture and it will show a box with the URL of the picture, cut and paste that into a set of img tags in your message, [img] picture url [/img]. Qoute any post with a picture linked in it and you will see the formatting for the img tags. Some pay sites have other options for doing this and will format the img tags for you, but on any site you can use the right click option (unless they have image linking blocked), but most sharing sites don't since the idea is to share the images.


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    just a quick test.... you can, indeed, hot-link to images on kodak gallery.

    back in the late 90s, we worked together with ibm to develop kodak's first picture site.

    we made it brain-dead simple to get pics off of the camera and onto the website.

    butt... they refused to let you share images without giving friends logins via e-mails.

    looks like they've learned something...

    now all they need to do is allow you to link to bigger versions of the images.

    to answer your question, once your pics are in kodak gallery, click on an image thumbnail in your album to display it in your browser, then right click on that image, select "properties" then copy the image address (the http: line), use the picture icon in the forum interface (little yellow square with a mountain and sun), paste the address into that interface, then save your post.

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    The Kodak site is wonderful for uploading pictures and then sharing them with friends and family in a slide show. It also sells prints and enlargements made on Kodak paper. The Kodak site also maintains an address book that will make groups for you to make sending your photos out very easy.

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