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Thread: Famsa Tank Bag?

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    Famsa Tank Bag?

    Has anyone tried a Famsa tank bag. I saw them advertised the Bikerworldusa web site ( which also advertises in the ON magazine. I believe they're made in Italy. According to the website, they're half the price of the BMW bag. I'm looking for a bag for my 1150RT plastic tank...or I would have bought a cheap Cortech for a $120. I really don't want to spend $400-500 for a tank bag.

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    I have one, and use it on my R80/7, sometimes. I have the "universal" model 246. Since I'm on a "universal" fit, the cutout for the fuel tank in the tank bag base isn't quite perfect, but it hasn't bothered me to remove the front strap and re-attach when filling up. It adds maybe 1 minute to the process.

    Most of the time I have the top "small" bag attached by itself. Still big enough to hold a bunch of stuff. For my long trip last year I used both bags together (though I didn't expand the bottom bag to it's fill size) and had TONS of stuff shoved in there. I mean kitchen sink levels of stuff.

    You're probably interested in build quality. So far (had it since '06) it's holding up quite well - still looks good, zippers still work perfectly, and no seams tearing. Map windows still look good and clear. Rain cover has not failed me. if you have more specific questions ask away; I can post a few photos if you like.

    Here is one review for the Famsa 260 system (with side bags).

    Here is the review that sold me on the bag I have (including pictures of it on an Airhead - note that it does slightly intrude on an airhead if it's packed really full. I didn't care).

    Here is another review of the model 246 (the one I have).

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    Thanks, Josh. I think I'll probably order one. I really like the idea of the Marsee and the magnet ring on the gas tank but where do you draw the line on price?
    Thanks for the links to the reviews also, they helped greatly.

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    Famsa Tankbags

    As the author of one of the FAMSA reviews (R1200GS tankset mounted on the 07 Versys) mentioned in the thread, I can state that the FAMSA products are among the best I have ever seen, especially regarding design, functionality and durability. We use the V-Strom tanksets, 260/6 on the GS Adventures...the longer side arms of the tank panniers fit perfectly over the (slightly) larger saddle-tanks of the GSA (I can provide pictures as needed). I have owned other FAMSA bags and products and they are all good. The 246 unit is especially versatile, given its multiple pieces, etc.

    Cheers, Bruce.
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