I rode in to the Twin Cities at 5:45 am or so with layers of fog. I am sooo in love with my GS

The ride was breathtaking, and had my heart pumping; by the time I arrived at work, I had a huge grin on my face! This ride was so cool! The fog was mostly chest high, thick a pea soup, so wet that it was like riding in the rain.

The sun was peeking its head up over the curve in the earth, and the traffic was non-existent. It was like riding through whip cream!

The sky was scattered with Tonka Toy Truck clouds, all blocky and square, riding low in the atmosphere, and higher up the seemingly thousands of dark to light long and wavy blue stratus clouds drifted to the east...I had such a neat esoteric ride to work...Seems fall has came a month earlier in Minnesota.

Who else had a great ride in to their job? Tell us about, Please!