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Thread: I seek opinions on the First Gear Jackets

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    I have a First Gear mesh jacket and pants. My wife also rides with both. I like both. I must say, however, that I like my current mesh jacket better for about the same price. It is a Cortek GX Air. The air flow is about the same, but the armor is much more sturdy, and it has leather at the shoulders and elbows.


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    I echo Howie's complaints about the Kili's vents and belt. What really astounds me is that the vents on the 4 seem to have the same flawed design as the 2! Maybe this should really be a ruprise, since the 4 seems to have reverted to a lot of the 2's features after the 3 failed to catch on.

    Otherwise I rather like it.

    Interesting to hear praises for the liner; my 2's liner is totally useless- provides no extra warmth, and when work by itself the wind penetrates it with ease.
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    I have two Killi 4's and they are not identical. One has reflective stripes that are missing on the other. There are some other changes too. They're also two different sizes -- bigger one for winter so I can fit more layers.
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    You might consider a First Gear Denali jacket from currently on closeout pricing. See my thread here:


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    I'm also happy with my killimanjaro jacket. I've lost some weight though so I need to drop a size to an XL.

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