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Thread: dual front brakes,- Fairing removal

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    dual front brakes,- Fairing removal

    Anyone else had a brake line plugged? It's a R100RT 1983. After rebuilding both calipers, the LH caliper bleed out nicely. The RH caliper will not accept input from the master cylinder. Have removed the line that inputs to the caliper,--no flow ,- -even when actuating master cylinder. LH caliper continues to perform normally. Seems like something plugged up on the RH side line. Planning to remove the whole fairing so as to get at the lines and the "Y" or "T" (whatever is the correct term) and hopefully clear the blockage, --suspecting it's the "Y". Any suggestions appreciated,- -especially proceedure on how to remove the minimum amount of fairing to get at the brake lines. Have taken the windscreen off. Yugggh!! a 2 hour job, working blind on those 8 mm fiber-backed nuts. florabunda

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    This is late, but

    The " Y " your looking for should be under the tank on the top of the frame rail, that is also where the stop light switch is located. Should be no need to remove the fairing. Just replaced my lines and stop light switch. While you are there don't forget to replace the heat sink gease under the electronic ignition module, it should be located on top of the brake line " Y " .

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    Finding the Y

    Thanks airhead 83,- my next session will focus on the area you identifled. Another question, please, what's the heat sink gease?

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    Heat sink grease is usually a zinc ozide impregnated grease (generally solid white in color) that is used to increase heat transfer between metal surfaces - like your ignition module and the heat-sink to which it bolts. Radio Shack, any electronics store (Online or otherwise) etc. will have it - computer guys are big users. I just bought a four oz tube which I expect will last several lifetimes.

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