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    Question Velmar Helmets

    The August BMWON as a advertisement for a Velmar Helmet. Seems to have everything I'm looking for in a helmet. Has anyone tried this Model yet, the Jiano with Bluetooth. Thanks in advance
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    Vemar helmets are now soley/imported distributed by Motonation. They are the people that import Sidi boots (they are awesome people to deal with) I tyhink you can go to their website to find a local dealer

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    I wear a Vemar VSR. I have zero experience with the exact model you are talking about. My VSR is extremely lightweight and very comfortable to wear. It's definitely louder than my old Shoei X-9 was, though considerably lighter. Venting on the helmet is good, not wonderful. The face shields are easy to swap, very similar to the Shoei mechanism. The VSR did pretty well in the Motorcyclist crash test.

    Other than the noise (which doesn't really bother me when wearing earplugs/earphones), my biggest complaint is the included anti-fog shield. The anti-fog coating is garbage, in my opinion, and all you do is get rid of the fog and get water running down the shield instead, which is just as (or nearly so) distracting/obscuring as the fog.

    The VSR runs a little small, I normally wear a Medium (at least in Shoei), but a Large VSR fits perfectly.

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