Armed with the service DVD, I performed the valve check, spark plug and air filter renewal, cooling flush/refill on my '08 K1200GT at a little over 12K miles. I purchased the bike used with 8K miles and was uncertain when/who/how it had been serviced last. Dropped the final drive, changed the gear oil and lubed the pinion splines while she was down. Flushed and refilled the brake and clutch systems also. Bought a vacuum setup to recharge the cooling system, stick coil puller (the GT didn't come with one like my oilhead did) and special spark plug socket so my additional costs were around $150 or so. I've been wrenching on bikes for over 40 years but this was my first time to do the service on the GT and it look most of a three-day weekend. I felt pretty good when the job was over (knowing I saved several hundred $$$) but the experience made me recall that the same service on my '04 RT would have taken around 6 hours and about 3 hours on my '96 Yamaha Royal Star! And changing the engine oil and filter? Don't get me started!

Somewhere on the wall in the BMW engineering department in Munich or Berlin is a sign that says (in correct German, of course) "Design ze motorcycle dat ze owner cannot service!". With the development of the Wedge engine, the Motorrad has come very close to achieving that goal! With that in mind, we should prepare to do the work ourselves or pay our good friends at the dealerships to do it for us.