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It can boil down to proper tie-down too. Equal tension and not over doing it. I had no problems with my REI 2dome in Gillette. I Tied down a LOT and was getting poked fun at by some around me. all the fly loops as well. It was me laughing out loud and yelling batten down the hatches at those around me up a 3am in the 60mph wind/rain going tink, tink, tink, tink pounding in more stakes then the 4 they put in that sandy soil.

In order for a tent to survive a storm, within reason, it should be staked out properly. There was a lot of wind already in Gilette prior to the infamous storm.
A leaky fly can't be helped, but a few tents blew over because their owners didn't stake them out the way they should have.....

A few tips;

Reading the owners manual and practicing pitching a new tent in your backyard prior to a campingtrip will help.
Ditch the usually cheap stakes that come with most tents and replace them with more sturdy ones. If your tent doesn't come with enough line for all the tie down points, just add them with good quality line ( no stretch stuff) that is reflective too, for night time visibility.
Buy the proper groundcloth that is designed for your model tent. It will keep water from seeping through the tent floor and keep your tent and sleeping gear dry..
Just 0.02 cts...