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Thread: F800ST- Center stand

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    F800ST- Center stand

    I am looking at purchasing a F800ST. being this will be my first new bike, I am surprised that the center stand is not standard, but an option. Any opinions on if it's worth the extra $150.

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    Back in the day, my '56 R50 came with a centre stand and the side stand was optional. Go figure.

    For one thing, look at the size of the foot on the F800 side stand. It's tiny and will sink into any remotely soft surface, including hot asphalt. If you do any of your own maintenance, even just checking the oil level, the chore is way easier. Washing the bike is easier because you can spin the wheels with the bike in place. The bike takes up less room in the garage on the centre stand.

    The are probably a dozen more reasons as well. I wouldn't own a bike without a centre stand.

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    I agree with 32232. The center stand is worth the money. Wunderlich and some others have a foot extension available for the sidestand....plan on one those also. Recently, I found my 800 leaning treacherously as the sidestand had sunk into the pavement. Lucky for me, it didn't go down and take my friend's R1150RT with it... I got the Wunderlich foot extension the next week...

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    You will put a center stand on your F800, be it now, or after several months of wishing you had one.

    In my opinion, the bike should not be sold without one. It makes a more stable platform for parking. It takes up less space in the garage when its on the stand, it makes it possible to rotate the wheels to get to the air valves. It makes cleanign the bike much easier. It makes it posible to sit on the bike comfortably when its parked. It keeps the side stand from digging holes in hot asphalt. It makes it a lot more pleasant to load the bike for a trip. It makes it easier to change the oil. Should I keep going????

    Its worth the cost.

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