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Thread: aftermarket seat

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    aftermarket seat

    Anyone try any for a K 75 if so which ones and how were they? Thanks

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    Want pain?

    Picked up a new Corbin cheap because the seller had purchased the wrong one (he needed one for the low seat) apparently Corbin wouldn't take it back. The thing must be made out of wood. It's so hard my wife say's take the other bike if you want me to come along. Avoid making the same mistake. I can handle it on short trips but no way will I take it on a long trip.

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    I suspect if you try the search on "seats" or "aftermarket seat" you'll find out more than you ever wanted to know about them. Next to oil threads and tire threads, seat discussions follow a very close third ('cause the stock seats suit very few people..)
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    I had a 95 K75 that had an aftermarket Corbin low seat option on it, not the factory low seat. I am 6'2" and I put 113K on that bike with very few days with any pita. Now I have a 90 K75RT with a Russel Daylong on it. Never have any pain and this thing feels like I am sitting in my Lazyboy like I am doing right now.

    I have an old Corbin for my R100GS that goes on for any long trips as well. I fully believe that Corbin is no longer the same company that made seats back in the 80's early 90s.

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    I have a 1994 k75 low seat model. I purchased a used russel day long and I think its great. It made all the difference in enjoying a long trip.

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    I've had K75/K100 with the standard seat, Corbin and Russell. The Russell is by far the most comfortable.
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    I had a K75RT and was crusing through the vendor section of a magazine-vendor rally when I saw the Corbin truck. I wanted to talk to them about a seat and they had one on the truck, popped it on, and I was gone. It was the one with the slots for backrests, picked up one of those a couple of years later.

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    I have an older Bill Mayer that has been recovered in goatskin. I can't imagine the seats in heaven anymore comfortable. I have a Corbin leather seat on a Honda ST 1100. Save your money and buy a 2X8 board. It'll be softer.

    Ralph Sims

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    I picked up a used Corbin from a '95 K75 last winter. No complaints from me except for the extra width of the seat and my short inseam effectively becoming shorter. Had the bike lowered by 1/2".
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    I have for my K100 a standard seat , a Corbin and a Russell. I like them all for different reasons. For long distance I will mount the Daylong my eyes hate it my butt loves it. Guess which end wins......
    R and R

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