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Thread: Gear Envy

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    Gear Envy

    I‘«÷m calling it ‘«ˇgear envy.‘«÷ Here‘«÷s the problem: No matter how cool I think something is when I buy it, or how well researched the purchase is, on how much on sale it is, I ALWAYS meet someone with one that is cooler, or more functional, or was a better bargain.

    For example, I just bought a pair a summer riding pants. They work great and I shopped around to get exactly what I wanted. I loved them until I saw someone with a pair that had more vents and thought ‘«£Maybe I should have bought those‘«™.‘«ō Also, I bought a great tent, at a great price, but now I think that I should have bought one with a bigger vestibule‘«™.

    I thought that I was the only one afflicted until a friend told me that my camping gear made him jealous. So maybe it‘«÷s not just me! Is this just the nature of gear purchases? Maybe just specific kinds of gear? Fellow sufferers, do tell.

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    leave my monkey alone LORAZEPAM's Avatar
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    I usually research quite a bit, and get what makes me happy. Normally it does what I want and I will not lust over others stuff.

    However, there are some things I really do like and would love to have. But what they are should be yet another thread.
    Gale Smith
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    I'm like lorazepam. I do a lot of research before I purchase and usually end up with exactly what I want. I'm not saying that I have the best stuff all the way around (far from it), but I have a few really good pieces of gear that I'm really happy with and I also have stuff that isn't outstanding but I don't really need anything more and didn't pay that much for it.

    So, I rarely have gear envy, because if I cared that much about that particular item, I either already have the one I really want, or am in the middle of researching the one I really want.

    '02 R1150R
    '88 R100RS

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    El Dookey loves to ride. 99007's Avatar
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    Be happy with what you have, Grasshopper.

    It's cool to have stuff, but don't let the stuff have you.
    I have found that moving and/or getting divorced every few years keeps "things" in their proper perspective.

    Ever lissen to the song New Toy by Lene Lovich???
    Don't winterize; Rounderize!

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    For me, it's not so much gear envy as it is a process of always looking for stuff that works better.

    Plus, I'm trying to be a good American by keeping the economy fueled.

    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    i think i do ok. like the others, i do a lot of research before i buy anything. i usually make up my mind im happy with what it is before i pull the trigger. also, i have grown accustomed to the world of computers and home theater, where todays expensive coolness is tomorrows commodity. so im pretty good at buying something and then ceasing to shop for it, lest i see that it is now cheaper/obselete.

    i just try to shop for what i need, when i need it. kinda anti-american, ain't it?

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    Rally Rat motofranz's Avatar
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    Gear Envy

    Hey Boxergirrlie what summer pants did you purchase.?
    I have a pair of Gericke Mesh Summer pants that i really like .But When I got them it was winter and I was going to put them over other pants (Jeans).
    Now they are too large for me with just shorts underneath.
    They were the 2003 model and I cant find them anywhere to get a smaller size .

    I have trouble visiting the BMW dealer without taking a new jacket or something with me .

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    Registered User jgr451's Avatar
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    I am pretty happy with my stuff.As far as biking goes,I love my bike but I would really love a slllurrrrpppp mmmmmm yummm yummm yummmy R1150 RT with the 6 long as it is red and doesn't surge...or a nice R100/7.....R90/S.... K1200GT....older R1100....

    Now golf:when my game falls apart as it often does,I accessorize.

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    Re: Gear Envy

    Originally posted by motofranz
    Hey Boxergirrlie what summer pants did you purchase.?
    After literally 2 months of research involving one trip to Chicago, I settled on the BMW airflow pants and I love them. They are exactly what I want.

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    Buyers Remorse

    Boxergirlie you're suffering from "Buyer's Remorse". Good sales people temper their sales against this by reaffirming the sale. They may even go out of their way to contact you to see how you like your purchase.

    When you don't have a professional salesperson to help make a good buying decision,absence of perfect information, and new products entering the market place daily, things happen.

    Once you get what you want and it functions the way you want it to you will be happy with your purchase. I am just getting done getting my GS set up the way I want it. Three windscreens, two headlight protectors, two oil guard coolers, remounted the PIAAS, the crash bars had to removed to change the oil, which required pulling the gas tank, they're gone, got new style KRS mirrors, but the new style hand grips won't allow mounting unless you butcher the left mirror for the choke control, sold them, I wanted a flip lever cruise control, but the housings are made out of plastic so I have a Throttlemeister. The seat was replaced by a Day Long saddle. The bike has a complete set of BMW bags, I wanted Jesses, got all four Odesseys in black, decided I would really wanted milleniums in aluminium, so I sold the Odesseys. Got a Dowco cover for a GS, but with a tall Aeroflow screen and a BMW topcase it is too small, so it will go and I will get a bigger cover. Thought about a GPS, but all you have to do to get to Spokane is ride west until you get to the Rockies, or through the Rockies, head north until you get to I-90 or HWY 2 and turn left until you get to Spokane. Uncle Tom will leave the roundel out on the right exit.

    I have got a lot of enjoyment out of setting this bike up and I am so happy with the way it functions I probably won't ever let go of it. None of this wouldn't have happened without all the help and advice I have got from BMW riders. That's why I ride BMW's, the community.


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    Slowpoke & Proud of It! BRADFORDBENN's Avatar
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    State of Confusion
    Hindsight is always 20/20. However if what you have puts a smile on your face, then it works succesfully.

    Kind of like buying anything else, woulda shouda and coulda will kill you, enjoy what you have.

    It isn't what you ride, it is if you ride

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    Re: Buyers Remorse

    Originally posted by Dark Cloud
    Boxergirlie you're suffering from "Buyer's Remorse".
    No, but I might be too caught up in the maddening pursuit of (what is for me) the Holy Grail of motorcycling: The Perfect Gear.

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    What's that noise...? basketcase's Avatar
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    I'm fine with "gear admiration,"

    I might notice someone else has nice stuff, but so far have not felt envy.

    When it comes to actually making a purchase for myself, I'm selectively into cheap.

    Cheap tent.
    Cheap sleeping bag.
    Cheap folding chair.

    But when it gets to helmets and safety related items, I'm very much into quality -- finding a top quality product at a competitive price.

    In reference to the poll, I had to choose "bike envy." If I could afford it, and had room to store them, I'd have one of each, thank you. That is, one each from BMW ... Honda ... Suzuki ... Kawasaki ... et. al.

    Rick (I lust for a warehouse full of motorcycles) in AL
    '98 BMW Z3 Roadster, '00 R1100RT

    If you insist on exercising a right to burn our flag, first be so kind as to wrap yourself in it and then douse yourself with gasoline just before you strike the match.

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    Back in the Saddle mcmxcivrs's Avatar
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    I suppose it could be called envy. I see other riders gear, and if I like what I see and it is better than what I have, I may wish to have the same or equivilant. I appreciate good quality gear, but can't always afford to rush out and buy the latest and greatest. I tend to research my purchases carefully, then once I have chosen, I go get it, or start saving my coin so I can get it.

    Of course I'm also envious of the riders who show up with the oldest dirtiest well worn stuff thats looks like it has gone half a million miles, because it probably has. That lucky SOB was out there riding and wearing stuff out while I was stuck at work or home. That's real gear envy
    Ed Miller, Calgary, AB
    2008 K1200GT, 2009 F800GS
    I can't wait to retire and have a fixed income. The one I have now is always broke.

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    Does this count?

    My motorcycle only has 5 gears but I wish it had 6. That's gear envy, right?

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