I‘«÷m calling it ‘«ˇgear envy.‘«÷ Here‘«÷s the problem: No matter how cool I think something is when I buy it, or how well researched the purchase is, on how much on sale it is, I ALWAYS meet someone with one that is cooler, or more functional, or was a better bargain.

For example, I just bought a pair a summer riding pants. They work great and I shopped around to get exactly what I wanted. I loved them until I saw someone with a pair that had more vents and thought ‘«£Maybe I should have bought those‘«™.‘«ō Also, I bought a great tent, at a great price, but now I think that I should have bought one with a bigger vestibule‘«™.

I thought that I was the only one afflicted until a friend told me that my camping gear made him jealous. So maybe it‘«÷s not just me! Is this just the nature of gear purchases? Maybe just specific kinds of gear? Fellow sufferers, do tell.