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Thread: Aftermarket Seat

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    Aftermarket Seat

    Hello all. I need some help with purchaing a new aftermarket seat. The stock seat on my 1996 R850R is a terrible, so I've been researching Corbin, Bill Mayer, Rick Mayer and Russell seats. I know all of the listed are expensive, but I need something for the long rides. I've even researched modifying the stock seat myself, or seeking the services of a local upholstery shop.

    Please send me you thoughts and experiences. Hopefully, this will guide me in making the right investments. Thanks.

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    Before you spend a lot of money on a fancy custom or aftermarket seat, call Barb at Alaska Leather and ask her to sent you a sheepskin Buttpad for your bike. She's a rider and knows BMW's and will send you a pad which will enhance your seat comfort without costing you several hundred dollars:

    Alaska Leather Link

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    Look near the top of this page, at the blue bar. On the right side it says "Seach". Click on that and type in aftermarket seat or any of the seat maker names you've listed. You will find a number of threads already discussing the various seats and other, cheaper ways to extend the comfort on your ride. This topic is extremely common here.
    --Darryl Richman, forum liaison

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