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Thread: Taking hwy 97 North

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    Taking hwy 97 North

    I plan on taking hwy 97 north from Ca. all the way to British Columba, East on hwy 3, then down to Spokane on 395. Would anyone know what I could expect riding on 97?

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    From Weed to Madras the highway is pretty straight. It is intermixed with woods and some farmland, not a bad ride. From Madras to Biggs junction you move into the wide open spaces with some sagebrush and Big rolling grain fields. Biggs junction to Yakima, sagebrush country. Yakima to Wenatchee, interstate travel, then you pass through some pretty forested areas. Wenatchee to the border, you travel along the Okanogan valley, you will follow the Columbia river, neat country, apple orchards along the hillsides. From there to Spokane, I haven't a clue.
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    North of Weed, the road is big, wide and open. You'll be tempted to pass the agriculture trucks over the double yellow since you can see a mile or so most of the time.

    Don't. The truckers will call the cops on you. Rob and I both got to talk to the local sherriff.

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    I live in Wenatchee, Washington, which is right on US 97. As posted, you will ride over some varied terrain from southern Oregon to northern Washington. Most of the road is two lane with lots of passing opportunities. The weather will be hot. Nice towns to stop in are Bend, Oregon (central Oregon), Wenatchee (5-6 hours from Bend), or Penticton, BC. (8-9 hours from Bend).

    If you have never taken your bike across BC, then please, PLEASE, give yourself 3 days and have one of the best riding experiences of your life. Great roads, fun little towns with very interesting local pubs, and the most beautiful scenery you will experience - Glacier National Park an arguable exception. Plus, with Canadian exchange prices are very favorable.

    Take 97 up to Kelowna, BC, then head east on Highway 6. Eventually make your way to Alberta and head up to Banff. Come down from Banff on Highway 93, which will eventually tie into US95 and US2 through northern Idaho and will take you to Spokane.

    I have a lot of years and a lot of miles under the saddle. This trip through Canada is one tof the best - if not the best - I've ever made.


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