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I have a Cardo Q2 on order and look forward to testing it. I have no need for the phone connection, I want it for my Zumo GPS as well as possibly for future use as bike to bike with my wife. I also have a Camos unit on order, but since it has been delayed for shipping I went ahead and ordered the Cardo instead. I want it for a trip comming up in a couple weeks and the Camos is not likely going to be available in time. If I end up with both units, I will have to do some comparison testing.
I would be very interested in reading a comparison. I like the design of the Camos BTS a bit better. I caught wind of the Blueant solution (interphone), but the minimal batter life has me nervous (even though I could get two for the price one Camos BTS 200).

So when you get a chance to try the Camos, please let me (us) know.

I'd like to hear opinions on the Blueant too, if anyone has any. I only really want 2-up comms for the few times the wife and I want to point something out to each other, not ramble on endlessly (that takes away from the ride, for both of us).