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Thread: 2009 Tennessee National Rally

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    Hi Josh,

    One site didn't have enough motel rooms and one wouldn't allow the beer garden. Don't recall which was which. Like I said above, things sometimes motels being built or change in property policies. We will review both of these venues as both are nice sites.

    Chuck Manley
    Rally Site Search Team Liaison
    Thanks for the reply!!

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    Thanks 09 organizers

    A hearty congratulations & thank you to the 2009 Johnson City Tennessee organizers, volunteers & crew.

    Another fine rally was had. It enabled me to fill in four states on my map. Yeah, I'm not finished yet, I stick close to home in Illinois.

    The stunt rider on Saturday (or was it Friday), was most entertaining. As were the wonderful people we met chatting in line, at the vendor area, and at camp.

    Not quite sure I can make Oregon, so will be interested to see where 2011 ends up.

    See you all next time.

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