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Thread: Hi Tech cots

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    Hi Tech cots

    After attending the Gillette Rally in Wyoming, I discovered some interesting things about my new hi tech cot. It was comfortable BUT severals things could have be improved upon and they were. On the first night, I put the cot inside the tent which was ok but I soon found out that UNDER the tent floor was much better. The rounded legs could dig into the ground and remain more stationary. The 3rd and 4th set of legs which have double rods through them started to bend over because they were not on perfectly level ground. I thought if the legs were wider, they would be stronger. When I returned home from the rally, I called the manufacturer about the problem with the legs folding over. They said that they make a high rise kit which doulbles the width of the 3rd and 4th set of legs. I ordered it and found that it made all the difference in the world. The cot will now go with me all over.
    The cot is expensive to start with but the hi rise kits will have to be ordered, lets say if the sleeper weighs over 200 pounds. The cot must be put under the tent floor to help keep it stationary. I love the small bag the cot folds up into. Great for the motorcycle. It is expensive.
    Summary - my friend purchased a " go-kot" for half the price - $100.00. He also put it under the tent and it worked grrrrreat. It is just a little larger folded up than the luxury-cot. I would buy this GO-KOT for my next one if I need another.

    LUXURY COT - Good points. Packs small and light, very comfortable, keeps you on the cot all night long, easy to set up.....
    Bad points - expensive, needs the hi rise kit.
    Hope this helps all you campers.

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    new feet available

    just stumbled on this thread and thought i could shed some light, i too purchased a high tech cot and had the same problem of the middle two legs folding over during the night, i thoughtr because of my weight[280] that im just to big for it, well at the ralley i talked with a booth rep? who was selling these cots and told me it was a common problem that the maker was aware of and may be trying to solve and advised me to contact the owner, so yesterday i called the owner who was very pleasent to talk with who is aware of the problem and advised that the original legs where made in china? and he had very limited control of the plastic formula used, as of july he now has them made here in the us and is using a fiberglass resin mixture in the plastic which he says eliminates the twisting, he has them available on the web site as replacement legs for 15.00 and 5.00 shipping, i ordered a set of 4 and hope it works, other than this problem i like the cot, and yes the cots are expensive but i camp 4-8 times a month and hotels are not that cheap. so 220.00 is a small price to pay for getting a better nights sleep.

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    Just as another point of reference. I have spent about 10 nights camping in my Luxury Lite cot and have never had a problem with the legs folding over. I weigh about 200 lbs. I guy next to me in Gillette had the Go Kot. Seems like a good cot, but its packed size is substantially bigger then the Luxury Lite. My Luxury light fits easily inside the side case of my R1150RT. I don't think the same can be said of the Go Kot. Once set up the cots are similar and either one is way more comfortable then sleeping on the ground. I bent a couple of the rods on my Luxury Lite becuase I did not assemble it correctly. I just emailed the distributor and he promptly replied that I could send them back for a replacement. The cot comes with 4 extra rod sections so a couple bent ones was not a big deal. Make sure the rod ends are properly inserted into the plastic loops and they won't bend. DAMHIK.

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