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Thread: new rubber for an r50

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    new rubber for an r50

    I need new tires for my 1966 R50. I am more interested in performance and safety than authenticity. any suggestions?

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    I have been quite happy with my Dunlop 404's. They track a lot better on grooved pavement and steel-grate bridges than the old Contis I had.

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    I've got a pair of Metzlers on my R60. I think I've got an ME33 in front and an ME99 on the rear. They're good enough that I can use pretty much the whole tire, edge to edge.
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    Craig Vechorick is currently selling an Avon tire. I would trust his judgement on it, as the best tires I've had on my R60 were a set of Michelins that he was selling at the time (a/m49s, but they're no longer available). Much better than the Brazillian Metzelers that seem to be nearly down to the wear bars when they're brand new.
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    Another option is the Bridgestone S11. I'm using a 100/90 front and a 110/90 rear. They are OK.

    // marc

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