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Thread: LCD visible outdoors?

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    LCD visible outdoors?

    I've owned several mid-level point and shoot cameras over the past few years and to my recollection none of them had an LCD that was useful for shooting outdoors in bright daylight.

    With that in mind I'm always careful to buy only cameras that have an optical viewfinder in addition to the LCD.

    In the sales literature, most modern p&s cameras claim to have bright LCDs suitable for bright daylight shooting. But mine aren't. In choosing a camera is there some specification that would tell which LCDs would be better outdoors? Do the recent DSLRs have better LCDs than lesser cameras? Are some brands' LCDs better than others?

    I'd like to see camera settings and compose the shot using the LCD, but maybe that's still a few years in the future.

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    I think this must be a subjective thing, associated somehow with individual's tolerance for glare and contrast.

    I've owned a dozen digital camera since 2002, and I've never had one that I didn't consider viewable in bright sunlight. I also have a Zumo 550 GPS on my bike. Some riders swear they can't see it in afternoon sunlight, but again, I've never had an issue.

    My only problem has been that LCDs black out when I attempt to view them through my polarized sunglasses. Can see my mobile phone screen, either.

    Having said all that, LCDs improve every year. They are largrer, brighter, and more visible from extreme angles. I suggest you try one at a store. Walk it outside and try it. If it's not comfortable, be sure to get one with an optical viewfinder.

    However, be aware: the optical viewfinder (rightly or wrongly) will eventually go the way of the buffalo. Some cameras have already begun to jettison them.

    Good luck, and let us know how you do.

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