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Thread: Fairing for R80 - suggestions?

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    Fairing for R80 - suggestions?


    I'm looking for a fairing for an R80. I'd like to keep it simple and retain basic 'street' look of the bike so my first idea is to find a cafe fairing. Any idea where I can find a cafe fairing - or suggestions on a good simple fairing?

    In the past I've had the big R-bike RT fairing, and I've had a Parrabellum fairing. Both of those were nice, but the RT fairing is too much for what I want.

    Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.



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    The classic 'S' fairing always looks good in my opinion. Don't expect much for protection though. Speaking of which, I needed a new windshield for mine and Gustofson (sp) Plastics in FLA did a beautiful job making me a new one in dark smoke. Service was absolutely excellent and the fit was perfect.

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    Cafe Fairing

    Try the JC Whitney Web site. They have several different types of simple fairings, including a couple that look like an R90S cafe fairing. Ride safe!!

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