Well another great Mountainfest event is over and again I had a great time. Since I was working the show this year I got a VIP pass that got me in to the display as they were setting up Thursday, and Mylan Park without paying (the only venue that had a cost) but I never made it out there since I was shooting both the vintage rides and the vintage racing on Sunday. Again they put on a really great show and its a very well organized event, working behind the scenes this year was really interesting and has given my a better appreciation of the level of effort that goes into this. Just about everything is paid for by the sponsors, which keeps most events free of charge, but that takes a lot of work to pull off!

Took the R100/7 this year and although she is 30 years old with 175K she ran great the whole way out and back. Did about half of the 220 miles on the slab, mostly the section across the top of MD that goes over the mountains. Although she pretty much topped out at 70-75 going up them loooonnng uphill climbs with throttle full open, she just purred right along and even after 5 hours of hard riding with me and all the gear, she still maintained a even idle of right around 900 RPM when Id pull over and riding around once I got to Morgantown.

This year I stayed at the Hotel Morgan downtown and got a really great panorama shot of almost 300 deg. of the town from the roof garden. The hotel was built in 1923 and was (and still is) the tallest structure in the main downtown area. Morgantown sits in a nice little valley surrounded by hills, right along the Monongalia River which forms the first leg of the 3000 plus miles of navigable river systems that flow into the Mississippi river and down to New Orleans. Still plenty of shipping along it and the lock system is still maintained by the Corps of Engineers.

In total I took around 850 shots which will take a while to process but Ive got a few for now.

This year I got to go on both rides and Friday there was a reception at a hill top lodge just outside of town for the lenders, (folks who had bikes in the vintage display) and the VIPs at the end of the Friday vintage ride, so I got to met and get to know some of the folks I had seen from last years ride. I also got the long distance award for furthest travel on the bike ridden in the rides and got my copy of the book from last year featuring a page of my shots from last years vintage ride. Im in print!! Ye Ha!

And this year I saw 7 or 8 BMWs, so thats double the number from last year, at this rate BMws may take over the event! Ha Ha!

So here are few shots till I process moreǪ..

A really kool hill climbing bike with a Honda 750 motor that has won a number of championships dig the tiny gas tank, holds just enough for one run

I got a new filter for the camera called a ǣStar filter which did some effects with hightlights/point light sources/reflections

A stibe sidecar

An interesting side note on this, while flipping thru the channels in my hotel room, I cam across an MTV video of a rap group doing a number where they were riding around in a mid 60s /2 with one of these stibe sidecars! Have no clue as to the name of the group, but I found it an odd combo, rap signers and an old /2!

This is one of my favorite shots so far

A self portrait of sorts

Another self portrait taken in the mirror-walled elevator of the Hotel Morgan

The instrument cluster of the Suzuki RE-5 Rotary, always thought this was pretty kool

And a shot of the RE-5 motor

Howd you like to maintain this ǣchain? From back in the day when motorcycles where just bicycles with a motor attached, this one being one with the engine that made mass production motorcycles possible, the Otto Cycle four stroke engine.

They also had some great posters hung in the main exhibit hall, this was one of my favorites. Ah, for the simpler days when there was no fear about being called out on the ATTATT issue (since there was no ISSUE! Ha Ha!) Now, thats how to go riding, whatever you happen to have on at the moment, and dont forget to stop and light up now and then to further enhance the ride! Ha Ha!
I guess for me one of the things I enjoy most about the vintage events there and in general, is that the owners and riders of these machines seem to cross all boarders, interests and groups, in other words, diversity, where the machines bring us together in a common bond that goes beyond brand, lifestyle or background, the brand becomes secondary, something I often find lacking in groups centered around a specific marquee.

Motorcycling back in this day and age must have a total hoot!

Thats all for now, once I get some more processed and up on my site I post a few more and a link to the rest.