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Thread: My son left for the Army today...

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    My son left for the Army today...

    to Ft. Benning's School for Energetic Post-Adolescents. He's decided he wants to be an Airborne Ranger, then Special Forces as soon as he's eligible. I would have preferred he go in as an Air Force dental hygenist in Minot, ND, but I suppose he comes by it honestly. This'll be the third generation....

    I called him last night: Of course he's pumped. I told him never to do anything he'd be ashamed to tell his grandchildren and only to be brave when he has to be.

    I'm still in Iraq, but I told him I'd meet him on the drop zone. He should finish Airborne School the same day I did. 22 years later. Where does the time go? I told my wife (The Jan) "I think I'll make his last jump with him." She was very polite. All she said was "Have you lost your mind? You're still limping from your last jump." The ground seems to have gotten a lot harder in the last 20 years.

    That makes two sons serving. The older one is in the Navy. He had the gall to complain about being TDY in Hawaii. Kids.... My daughter swears she isn't going to join. I've heard that before.

    He's already got his first bike lined up, so I'll still have my riding buddy.

    I say I wouldn't do it all again, but I'm lying. I wish I could go with him.

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    You must be so PROUD! Thank you to YOU and your family for your service and dedication.
    Sue Rihn #43753
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    Thank you, but those words are not big enough.

    People seem to forget that our entire American way of life was paved by patriots such as yourself.

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    Jim Bud
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    Congratulations on getting two to the point of maturity to sign up for some serious service to themselves and the rest of us. Clearly, they have listened to you over the years in ways that still mistify us parents .
    And while at it....thanks for your service was long ago when I served....but despite the challenges, I still look back with pride...and we all learned something about ourselves....and others from the process.
    The kids will be better off from it too.
    Jim Bud...

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    THANKS to you and your sons for oyur service. You obviously set a great example. When I read all the crap in the news, I often forget that the backbone of America, people like you and your family, are still out there. Y'all restore my faith.
    Steve Marquardt

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    man, we just can't say enough to thank people like yourself.

    you and your son make me so proud of our county's commitment to freedom and liberty.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    Congrats to you for doing such a great job raising your kids.

    Kudos to you and your sons for serving and thanks as well.

    Hooah! (and what ever the Navy folks say for the same thing )
    DEFINITION OF A VETERAN A Veteran - whether active duty, retired, national guard or reserve - is someone who, at one point in their life, wrote a check made payable to "The United States of America", for an amount of "up to and including my life."
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    That is great. You obviously have raised your children well. They seem to understand that the life we all enjoy does not come without some sactifice. I am sure you are very proud. Tell him "Good Luck" from a fellow warrior.

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    Good luck to him and I hope you can make that jump together.

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    I'm a little proud. The other son is point man for the fleet, doing counter mine warfare. He's pretty quiet about it, so I wonder what's going on.

    I really appreciate everyone's comments. Too often the youngsters turn on the news and hear trash talk. All these kids are incredible. It is absolutely awe inspiring to watch them in combat and a very humbling experience to lead them. America should be very proud.

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    Congratulations. Thanks to your family for your service to our country.

    39 years ago, my office was next to the jump towers at Ft. Benning. Watched a lot of guys blown into the tower!

    At that time, running up the big hill, they were singing "I wanna be an Airborne Ranger, I wanna go to Viet Nam". Wonder what they sing today?

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    Thumbs up

    Beamed with pride when I read your thread.

    Thanks to you, your son and all those who serve - we enjoy this great nation because of people like you and him!!

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    Awesome!! When you hear about our society going down the tubes, people like you son reminds us what it is all about.

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    I live north of Vegas Soth of Elko east of Reno and West of SLC., in the high desert of nevada.

    Congrats RandyB

    I feel fortunate as well, wife an I were able to travel to So. Cal. to attend our oldest sons graduation from para-medic school, and to put icing on the cake our daughter, a Navy Corpsman, was able to get leave from her post in South Carolina to accompany us to the graduation. We are looking forward to a great week. Unfortunately, our youngest son was unable to get of work, he is a welder working for a mine service co. in Northern Nevada. need les to say me and mom are more than proud.. Mike

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