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Thread: H2W Ascot?

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    H2W Ascot?

    After purchasing a set of H2W bags at the rally, the salesman handed me what appeared to be a small wallet. Upon later observation it has a blaze orange cloth cut almost like a dickie or ascot with a velcro closure

    what is this thing for? It's way too small to wear around my neck.

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    emergency flag

    It's an emergency flag. If needed, hang it on your handlebars so others can see it when you're on the side of the road. Hopefully they'll stop and help! (I had to ask the H2W folks what it was when they gave me one too :-) )

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    Whatever happened to placing your helmet by the side of the road when you're stranded? I admit I never see that anymore, but chalked it up to better motorcycles and accurate fuel gauges.


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