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    /5 starter

    I just put a new(used)starter on my 73/5.hit the starter button,just a click at the relay.noticed the solenoid felt there a way to test starter off the bike(it is now)-everything seems to be free turning.Jumper wires from another battery?TIA
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    electric starter

    I had to do this on a Dodge motor home earlier this spring. If you have a battery charger with a booster, that would suffice, otherwise use a set of jumper cables. Attach the ground clamp to the starter housing. I clamp it on the very end where the gear drive shoots out. Touch the positive clamp to the large and small terminals of the solenoid at the same time. This action supplies voltage to drive the starter motor(large bolt) and emulates the the effect of the relay activating the solenoid(small bolt). Be sure to hold the starter down with your foot, or clamp it in a vise. If the starter is good, it will lurch and the drive will spin.

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