Here is a reason to "always expect the unexpected". The day before the rally, my wife and I were riding highway 16 to Buffalo . A truck was climbing the hill in the opposite direction and flashed his high beams at us nearly a dozen times. We were at the speed limit but waved a thank you. A motorcycle followed and waved downward to the ground a few times and I suddenly started wondering what was up but within a few seconds I saw a police car. I relaxed thinking that these folks were fairly obsessive about communicating the presence of a cop. My wife was following on her motorcycle and I let her know I had seen the cop (via our communicators) and began looking out at the wonderful scenery. Within seconds I hit a deep gravel spill that was right in the middle of the road. It was deep and more pit run than gravel with rocks the size of softballs mixed in the sand and small rocks. I yelled at my wife but she had accelerated to close the distance between us and hit the gravel right behind me. To this day I wonder how we both were lucky enough to cross over this mess and come out the other side without falling (at 60 MPH). I claim no special riding skills but our years driving cars through freezing rain, snow and ice thought us never to brake or try to muscle through slippery stuff, so this may have saved our hides.
I think that if I had not seen a cop, I would have remained more vigilant, but I assumed the warnings from the other riders had been to save me a ticket. Man was I wrong. Anyway, within a short period of time, a snowplow was sent to clear the road. I really hope no one got hurt. It was deep enough to even make a car go for a spin.