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    I have a "General Warning Light" that comes on and stays on shortly after starting the motorcycle and beginning to ride. I have also been told that I am using my brakes because my brake light comes on even when I am not depressing the hand or peddle.

    When I opened up the rear tail light it is a real mass of wires with strange connectors and I also have two wires a blue/purple and a white wire that are not connected to anything, just hanging free.

    Since I have changed the bulbs without any effect, my plan now is to remove the strange connectors and solder the wires together followed my either securing the wires with tape or a wire cap type connector.

    My question is has anyone else had this problem or a similar problem and am I doing the right thing by soldering the wires togethers.

    I would appreciate any assistance or suggestions.

    I have a used 2004 R1150Rt oil headthat now has 35,000 miles.

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    Step 1. Get a wiring diagram

    Step 2. Identify any aftermarket wiring.

    Step 3. Identify what wires go to the brake light and tail light.

    Step 4. Identify the extra wires (which are probably not the problem).

    Step 5. Make sure the proper wires are connected to the bulb socket(s).

    Step 6. Verify that the bulb sockets are properly grounded.

    Step 7. Verify that turning the key on delivers +12v to the tail light.

    Step 8. Verify that pressing the brake pedal delivers +12v to the brake light.

    Step 9. Verify that pulling the brake lever delivers +12v to the brake light.

    If you do all of the above and fix any discrepencies, the lights will work correctly, if the bulb(s) are good.
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