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Thread: looking for a new helmet

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    looking for a new helmet

    I'm in the market for a new helmet and with all the choices out there I'm really having a hard time.
    I do a lot of commuting on my K1200LT as well as long distance touring. The problem I have with my old full face flip up is the poor ventilation. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    I'm very impressed with my Scorpion and its ventilation. Not sure if it would meet your needs or not.
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    So many choices, so many different shaped heads!

    My wife says I have a football head, shaped like a Heisman Trophy. My HJC helmet fits me just fine, and affordable enough to replace every 5 years.

    You have to go and try a few on. I think my next helmet may have the fighter pilot style sun visor built in. That just sounds great.

    happy shopping!
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    I had a Duotec for way too long and was spoiled by the ability to remove the front completly on hot days. Bought and returned a Synchrotec and finally settled in with an N-102 which I have adapted to very well. It has better ventilation than anything else I have tried and for a really good price. I ride a K1200LT and R100.

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    Kinda negative

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    Thumbs up

    Make sure you try one on first for fit, but I just purchased a ZOX Genesis SVS from my local BMW shop.

    Nice features: Modular helmet with internal sun shield that can be lowered or raised with one hand.

    Good construction, style, color choice and fit.

    $188 on line or about $210 at the dealer.

    I chose to patronize the dealer - want him around for a while!

    Good Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by drummer View Post
    I'm very impressed with my Scorpion and its ventilation. Not sure if it would meet your needs or not.
    +1 complete with in-helmet drop down sun visor!
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    The N-102 works great for me. It fit right from the beginning, was Autocom friendly, and has good ventilation. But I will echo the above. Fit is everything.

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    Angry defibwade

    I bought a KBC FFR and like the fit but it is noisey and leaks during a rain behind the face plate.

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    We've been riding off and on for 20+ years. Have owned Bell, Simpson, Nolan, KBC, and most recently Arai (Signet). The Arai is by far the most comfortable helmet I've owned. Vents relatively well, and fits my head shape very well. On the negative side, it was kind of expensive.

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    If you can find one, Schuberth C2 flip-ups seem to be really nice. I like mine a lot. I didn't like my Nolan.

    Around town I still use a Shoei RF1000.

    Both the Schuberth and the Shoei are fitted with Starcomm electronics.

    I like ' em

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    Nolan Vote

    I would vote to try on a Nolan, but more importantly try on whatever you decide and walk around the dealers with it on for more than a minute. Flip up that modular front and have a free cup of coffee. INHO once you do that you will never go back to a full face again. In town when it is hot you can flip up the front at a light, lots of bennies for me. I just happened to get a free BMW flipup when I bought my first BMW back in 88. Have been using the modular ever since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenwald View Post
    $188 on line or about $210 at the dealer.
    I chose to patronize the dealer - want him around for a while!
    Didn't want this comment to get overlooked, Greenwald. I feel the same way - we all need our dealers, complain that there are not enough of them, but some will undermine their slim profit margin to save $20.
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