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Thread: Center of the Universe

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    Center of the Universe

    While we were in South Dakota, I noticed that a town not far from Spearfish claimed to be the geographical center of the USA. This was definately worth the trip and a picture or two. We saw what looked like a marker in the town of Belle Fourche, Fred went into the library we were in front of, and asked the Librarian, ( they know everything. ) She said it was right up the street behind the Chamber of Commerce.

    This was a pretty fancy work of art.

    How did the Geographical center of the USA end up in the middle of a town next to the Chamber of Commerce ?

    Most people probably would have gone on the Devils tower after snapping the above pictures, but I was traveling with Sandy Becker, Sandy and I have competed in several short IBR type rallys- a Few MinuteMan 1000's and Green Mountain 400s .

    The Garmin GPS said the center was over 28 miles away. We did some inquiring and found directions to real center. So we just had to have the real thing. It was like we were in a rally, this was a trick, every one would take the in town fancy bonus but the rally master knew that the real site was almost 30 miles away.
    Rob Nye had trained us to cover all bases !

    So we headed north on 85 until this dirt road.


    This dirt road had large pea size gravel it was like riding on marbles, one of the guys with us turned back.

    after 7.8 miles and opposite a pole barn we looked to the right and found this.


    We walked over to the flag and here was the official marker we were looking for.
    the USGS stamp.

    A self portrait leaving the USGS marker Sandy on the left, me on the right

    Fred Kolack smiling after returning from riding over 15 miles on marbles on his big K bike.

    We were pumped, now knowing we had bagged the center of geographical USA.( note that is after Alaska and Hawaii are figured in. The center of the lower 48 is in Kansas.

    But we had one problem. Mr Garmin said it was still 8 miles away. at this point we said to bad and headed for Devils tower.

    That night after a few beers

    We developed phase two of the plan, An assault on North Dakota, I have never been to ND and it would retrace some of yesterdays ride and we could check out the location that Garmin says is the Center.

    We stopped on Route 85 where Garmin says it is the center.

    This is all that marks the spot.

    Sandy found the same thing on his side of the road.

    Next stop ND

    Thanks for coming along.
    Craig Cleasby
    South Windsor, CT
    1996 K1100LT
    2004 R1150GS
    Yankee Beemers

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    Centre of the universe

    You guys are keen!

    Very interesting; thanks.


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