Sunday morning there was an increased law enforcement presence. I took Hwy 59 south out of Gillette and was surprised to see 3 of Gillette's finest running radar not at the incoming traffic, but at the outgoing traffic. Which at that time was a large number of BMW's. Then later out in the open on Hwy 59 I saw a WY Trooper on the side of the road chatting with a couple on an RT with CO plates. OOPS!

Personal Responsibility is something thats greatly lacking in the general public these days. While I would reserve my rights provided by the Constitution. I would pay the fine. I did it and I was caught, I'll do what it takes to make amends to the State.

I've also been in the "outrun the storm mode". If the State Trooper I met wanted he could have citied me for at least 20 MPH over the limit. When we meet he did slam on his brakes....then I think he realized what and why I was traveling at such an elevated speed. Was I lucky? Yes, would I have paid the fine? Yes. Would I have wanted to sit in his Crown Vic? Oh hell yes the storm was closing in fast.