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    Smile 1st Rally

    Ok it's my first BMW rally so is there anyone from the Eugene,Or. area going ?
    I plan on leaving the 16th early .
    Where is the best place to stay?
    If I go alone I will camp but if two up then a Hotel will be in order.
    Is it best to register Friday night or early Sat. morning?
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    I would suggest you pre-register for the rally. Not only do you save five bucks but you will save some time at registration.

    There is a seperate line for pre-registered riders. While the two lines move at the roughly the same speed, the pre-reg line is always shorter, plus you don't have to spend time filling out a form when you are likely in the mood to be doing something else.

    I will admit a heavy bias to camping so for me the best place to stay is right on site.

    I would also encourage you to arrive Friday. Friday night is a good time, with a band in the beer garden and Friday night is flat track night with racing at the rally site. Saturday there will be interesting stuff going on all day.

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