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Thread: Taking Hwy 395 through OR and WA

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    Taking Hwy 395 through OR and WA

    I live in the bay area and am thinking of taking Hwy 395 through Nor Cal and OR into WA. Looking at the map, it doesn't seem like there's much in easter OR for hotels/camping spaces/gas stations. Has anyone ridden that route? I am planning to take 2 days to get up to the rally area, and want to camp or stay overnight somewhere in OR.

    Thanks for any advice

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    I drove 395 from Reno to Spokane in my car a couple of years ago. Most of eastern Oregon and southern Washington is high desert. Lots of wide open country, but not much of anything else to see and it's a long way between gas stations. Once you get to Pendleton, 395 is mostly 4-lane through the Tri-Cities and on to Spokane

    I would recommend a more scenic route into Spokane would be Hwy 95 through northern Nevada to Boise, ID, then Hwy 55 from Boise until it reconnects with 95 and on to Coeur d'Alene, ID. A much more interesting highway!

    Ride Safe!

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    I highly disagree with JetDoc. I have ridden and driven 395 many times in both directions and I don't think you will be disappointed if you take that route.

    Once you cross into Oregon, JetDoc is correct, you will travel through a serious high mountain desert area all the way to Burns, OR. but you will ride over 6000-7000 ft mountain passes and pass by a couple of lakes. Alkali Lake is interesting because it is nearly dry now and you can see the original outline of the water. It's a great place to bird watch.

    There is camping at Goose Lake on the Oregon side of the state line. Make sure you fill up in Lakeview because there isn't any gas until Burns. Its about 135 miles.

    Once you get to Burns is when the road really gets interesting and fun. Good pavement, curvy, climbing, and dropping through two National Forests. You will pass by many campgrounds. Two of the nicest ones are Clyde Holiday just outside of John Day, or Ukiah-Dale at Ukiah.

    Once you reach Pendleton you are only about 3 1/2 hours from Spokane. Yep it turns into a slab which works well if you need to make time. I've done Spokane to California (about 550 miles) in a day, all on 395 and never regretted a mile of it.

    If you have the time though, a more scenic route is to head toward Walla Walla in Washington. You will encounter first some vineyards, then as you head further north, the rolling farm lands of the Palouse. And I do mean rolling, this isn't Kansas, ya know!

    Follow 125 north from WW to 124 then to 12. At Dodge, you will follow 127 and cross the Snake River and head into Colfax. Head north on 195. You are only 1 hour away.

    I don't think you will be sorry if you take 395, but I'm sure that you will enjoy whatever route you choose.

    Happy riding and see you in Spokane!
    Jackie Hughes
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    I live in Redding and have traveled Eastern Oregon a lot. South of Burns you will find that you will need to combat camp on side roads. Motels in Lakeview, Burns, and John Day. Other option is to travel I-5 to Weed, 97 to Biggs Junction, I-84 to Pendleton then follow Jackie's route. Camping north of Klamath Falls at Collier State Park (showers) and La Pine State Park south of Bend (showers).

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