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Thread: Mounting a Garmin 2720 to a K75

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    Mounting a Garmin 2720 to a K75

    Finally purchased a GPS after reading many threads of likes and dislikes. For $168 we purchased a refurbed Garmin 2720 with 08 maps and a 1 year warr. from a Garmin dealer.
    Also bought a RAM mirror ball mount, RAM 2720 mount which has a 3" arm and cradle and a Garmin power / audio cable to hook into the Autocom.

    I don't know if this is the best method for mounting but it at least gets the GPS mounted to the left side of the windscreen for easier use of the buttons.

    What other mounting locations or ideas is there for a K75 with just a windscreen and has anyone run into issues using the 2720 with an Autocom?

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    Care to share the vendor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted View Post
    Care to share the vendor?

    The 2720 was from YourElectronZone store on eBay, Bob Marks owner. bobwv203 is his eBay user name.
    The RAM mount we purchased from another eBay store, but there is a bunch of them, so we picked the cheapest store, as I was not really sure what mount would work best. Haven't recieved anything yet so can't comment on how it all goes together on the bike.

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    I prefer the U bolt ram mount around the bar, a medium arm, and the ram cradle on K75s. But what you have picked should work fine.
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