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Thread: Riding Pants

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    Quote Originally Posted by drummer View Post
    +1 for the Olympia Airglide II overpants - they are very good for the price and great in the summer. I use them when it is 100 degrees and with the liner down to 45 degrees. Below that I use leather.
    Make that +2 now for the Olympia Airglide II overpants.

    With the liners and insulated long-johns (medium to heavy weight) I've ridden in temps down into the teens.

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    Another big plus for Darien pants. I did not get mine fitted as overpants (i.e. I got them one size smaller), so they fit just like jeans and are comfortable on and off the bike. Comfortable over a wider temperature range. If it is cold, I wear some lightweight fleece long underwear underneath and if it is hot, just my riding (biking) shorts. Great riding pants! If I had to have just one, that would be it. But I don't have to have just one, so I also have some BMW Savanna2 pants for warmer weather and just put some lightweight rain pants over them (North Face Venture) if I'm caught in the rain. The only other thing I do is to take out the knee armor in all my riding gear and use some MX style knee/shin guards under the pants. I trust the better armor to stay in place and work better than lighter armor that floats in pockets in the pants. Fall on your knees once and you'll understand. That covers me for about everything until the 1pc. Roadcrafter gets put on...

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    I found from my Gillette Experience that it depends on what kind of cycle you have. My son-in-law has a R1200C and keeps cool and often gets cold. I have an R1100RT (fairings) and I keep warm and get too hot.

    I use a mesh jacket and pants and up to 90 degrees do OK. After that I worry I am going to overheat and pass out, so I take my chances without the jacket. I remove my gloves at 85 degrees.

    My mesh pants are only hot on the Knees where the pads are, but they make it nice to kneel on the ground while you are checking out your oil level or tire pressures. I don't think the clothes' black colors makes much of a difference. I am not sure white would stay clean.

    I also have reinforced riding jeans but they are hot anytime above 80 degrees.

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    Summer Pants

    Quote Originally Posted by 32232 View Post
    I can vouch for the BMW Summer pants. Versatile, comfortable, good armour.
    Second that. I've got four different sets of riding pants counting my kevlar lined jeans. A set of mesh armor Feildsheer that I liked allot but are now pretty raged - a set of Tourmaster "jean pants" that are a basic armor/waterproof pant - I only wear them in the spring and fall as over pants when it's cold. Then the Summer pants.

    Love em. Good armor and I love the extra pockets and the ability to zip off the legs when you get to camp. They are water resistant enough to get you through most cloudbursts and somehow much cooler than sweaty-sticky jeans.

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    Exclamation color of clothes

    a couple of months ago some swine stole my black Nitro jacket while my rt was parked. The only jacket that I could find locally that fit me was a space suit colored light silver color.I hate riding in anything but biker-black. However, for most of the year in south Texas I have found that the lighter color is much cooler in hot weather(which is all we have down here) than black. I was very surprised that the lighter color made such a difference in how hot it feels. I am a convert-but black still looks better to me. The silver does get to looking tacky much faster than black.

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    To: Jim Bud

    Thanks for the help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 32232 View Post
    I can vouch for the BMW Summer pants. Versatile, comfortable, good armour.
    can vouch as well. very nice down here in florida during the summer.

    i also have pair of aerostich darien pants, which are by far my favorite. little bit of a dance to get the fit correct, but worth the effort IMO.

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