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    i.e. all the gear all the time vs. some of the gear some of the time. Or none of the gear all the time.

    I got back into riding last year after a 20-yr hiatus. And adopted the ATGATT approach, even though it is blazing hot and humid where I live in summer.

    Most of the Harley guys here look like None of the Gear All of the Time - NO-GATT. I'm curious about how things stack up elsewhere - I'd guess that here, less than 5% of the riders are geared up. When I ride up the road to SC, it seems that the vast majority don't even wear a helmet. What about where you are?
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    Pawork, I do ATGATT down here in hot/humid N FL. With mesh gear you are fairly comfortable while moving (over 30mph). I'm looking forward to riding up to the Carolina's and perhaps TN this fall to enjoy cooler weather and scenic backroads. The majority of the riders & passengers around here wear short sleeves, no gloves, shorts, shoes/sandles and no helmet. I used to ride with dungarees, T-shirt and boots but, at 65 years of age I know that my body does not heal as fast or well as it used to. I can attest that simple road rash is not fun, and the scars stay with you as a life long reminder. I intend to keep riding for many more years and regard ATGATT and periodic MSF courses as a type of insurance policy. Ride Safe

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    STGATT is what I do...

    This subject has been discussed, at length, in many threads here.

    I always wear my boots, helmet, gloves, and one of my jackets. Sometimes I wear riding pants, but usually only on longer rides.

    From my point of view, it's a personal decision. I live in Minnesota, a non-helmet law state. Many choose to not wear helmets. Their choice. My choice is to wear mine. I wouldn't necessarily paint the non-gear wearing crowd as the "Harley" crowd. I see many sportbike riders doing the same.
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    I saw a harley guy the other day leaving the grocery full gear! I must admit it was an odd sight.

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    I think the question was more alone the lines of "what do others you see as you ride wear, not so much what you wear", which as pointed out is kind of a worn out topic. What I see in the Metro area is that we have three types of riders as far as gear is concerned. Many of the cruiser types wear either the typical "cruiser wear" while a good number I see have jackets, either mesh in summer, or heavier in winter but not always pants in summer. touring riders, regardless of brand ,i.e. BMW, Concours, Goldwing, etc, mostly seem to be full gear types, sport bike types often wear full-face helmets and jackets, more often than not, matching the colors with the machine, but not so much riding pants and a lot seem to wear sneakers, not boots, and often shorts as well, though I think those are mostly folks on short rides. When I get out of town, many more riders of all types of machines have at minimum long pants on and boots, helmets and some type of glove.

    Partly it seem age related, young kids on sport bikes and older cruiser riders seem to go the less gear route, while older sportbike types and younger cruiser riders tend to go the more gear route, which I find interesting. Perhaps the older cruiser type go for “the Look” because that is always how they have seem themselves and ride that type of machine because of that very look, while the inverse is true for the older sport bike and touring bike type who have developed a sense of awareness about their own mortality that youngsters generally don’t have; how many us have said/talked about the crazy stunts we pulled and got away with in our youth ? I know I have! The younger cruiser crowd seems mixed around my neck of the woods, some seem to be drawn to “The Look” while others go for more gear.

    Now understand these are just off the cuff observations, I haven’t made a study of it, but that seems to be the trend in my area. Helmets are required in most states I ride in the most, so having some sort of head gear is NOT optional though I hear from others who travel to states close by that don’t have laws, it not uncommon for the cruiser types to remove theirs, probably more frequently than others.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Newstar View Post
    I saw a harley guy the other day leaving the grocery full gear! I must admit it was an odd sight.
    Funny but that happened to me just recently on my way home, there is small historical town I pass thru that has a open air cafe, there was this guy on an HD with all the gear, sitting and having a cool drink as I passed on my LT. I found pretty funny since I only had jeans and a tee shirt (plus boots and helmet) on! couldn't help chuckling to myself, "Now that's a switch!" Ha Ha!


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    I know this has been done to death, but I was at the Ear Inn last night (for the uninitiated, Tuesday is "European" bike night at this historic Soho tavern) and remarked to one of the regulars, "You know, the only time I see ATGATT in this city, is when I see you guys here at the Inn."

    During the NYC "season" riders with full gear are rare sight and casual clothing is not only limited to owners of cruisers and Japanese sport bikes. On a daily basis, I see many riders of BMWs, Triumphs and Ducatis in T-shirts, shorts and whatever footwear is required for the day: sneakers, sandals, or oxfords (if one is riding in one's business suit). I have never seen a person on a Scooter wearing anything more protective than a helmet. I saw a guy on a Bonnie last night wearing flip-flops.

    It's interesting and would provide fodder, I'm sure, for a comprehensive study on the subject of riding style and gear choice. Here in New York City being and looking cool is de rigeur (that goes without saying), but I feel the choices practiced by the unprotected masses are more about not being informed than it is about consciously avoiding healthier ones.
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    We are in (northern) New Hampshire- the "Live free or die" state. Where you do not need vehicle insurance and no required seatbelts for adults.

    Here Cathy and I, being ATGATT, are the oddballs. T-shirts, shorts and bare heads are the overwhelming choice.

    After years of bicycle road riding and racing, I know about roadrash. I don't want to get off at motorcycle speeds to have my skin hit first. No way will I ride without all the gear. I would sell the bike first.
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    Recently it's been pretty hot/humid here and I've been disappointed to see someone on the opposite side of the highway on an airhead (blue with white RT fairing) wearing a helmet as the only protective gear that I can make out. Otherwise it's just a t-shirt and pants. I'm not sure why an unprotected BMW rider bothers me more. I had seen a guy on a black Airhead several years ago riding around town with no helmet on. He also never waved. haven't seen him in a long time.

    Anyhow, there are very few full-gear riders around here, which seems to be no different from anywhere else. TONS of cruiser riders (HD and Honda) riding in shorts and t-shirts with no helmets. Lots of the sportbike guys wear helmets and gloves, most also wear jackets. Aside from that it's jeans and tennis shoes. I lurk on their forum sometimes and they always talk about "full gear"; none of them seem aware of the highly likely foot/ankle injuries that can happen in an accident. I would jump in and warn them, but most of them are not the type of riders I want to be involved with.

    To be honest, I think the only full-gear person I see on my commutes is the guy with the R1200GS who works nearby, though I always spot him from a distance. I need to catch up to him sometime and say 'hi'.

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    Go sailing in Canada for a few days, return home, log onto this forum and find peoples panties tied in a knot over ATGATT?

    I mounted a new pair of tires this morning and had a great riding day.

    I confuse everyone, I wave to them all.
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    Ride Well

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