I don't know all the names (of the riders), but it was great to be part of this. I'm sure some would have hoped I left, however Randy is a convincing person and he twisted my arm to unload the bike. I had (very) briefly considered leaving everything on to make it fair(er), but Mike (OUTBACKUFO) sceeeered me.

There are many many more on my Smuggy account: http://PacWestGS.smugmug.com/gallery...35952626_QrYXK

and no, it wasn't an "easy" course, Randy did a great job setting up something on short notice...

Ready, set, GO!

Next up...

Ooops... (Nice save, that was a long way down)

Mike (OUTBACKUFO) wanted me to shoot with his camera, but I snuck this one in:

Youth and exuberance, and a very sweet airhead - no not the rider - the bike!

Maybe you are now 'BUSTED' but I can assure your Dad the bike (and rider) did well!!!