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Thread: K1200S clutch question

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    K1200S clutch question

    I am new to the forums and I am sure I am reposting an old issue but, here goes. I bought a used '05 K1200S. The bike is in awesome shape and was maintained very well. I am hearing a mean rattle from the clutch area. I inquired about this problem on some public bmw forums and others share the same problem. Apparently the first attempt at a wet clutch has some bugs.

    I was told to replace the clutch with a newer version ('07 apparently is the revised version) from a reputable tech in Sacramento to fix the problem.

    I would like to know if anyone knows or has information on a slipper clutch or if I should bother at all with an aftermarket clutch rather than oem.

    Thanks in advance for any information, I appreciate the help.


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    Rattling from the right side can also be the cam chain. Is the rattle worse when you first start the engine? The cam chain on my 05 rattles on start up, but then goes quiet after a few seconds.

    You will find numerous threads on cam chain noise, both for R and K bikes.


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    Ask your dealer to review SB# 11 002 08 (034). This will be customer pay in your case most likely (used '05 out of warranty?), but is the solution to the rattle in the chain on start up. It is a new chain tensioner which has an oil reservoir to prevent waiting for the oil to build up in the tensioner and can be retrofitted.
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    I was warned about the start up noise which goes away after say 2 sec. My rattle is definately the clutch which was confirmed by several techs that I have contacted. Both of which have suggested going to the revised ('07) clutch. I ordered the new one and will install at my 12k mi service.

    Thanks for the replies. I will update when the replacement is installed.

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    At idle, does it sound like a Ducati?
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    A couple of years agao as a new rider - I had a Ducati pull up to a light with me - I told him he had something wrong with his bike because something was rattling - That's when I found out about Ducati's.
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