As many of you know Pat Carol the First Aid chair went down on the job with a knee injury and was not able to make the rally. Pat asked me to step in about a week and a half before the rally and I want to recognize those all of the folks who volunteered their time at the rally to help their fellow members. Without their assistance and commitment I would not have been able to execute this task.

We were fortunate to have experienced no serious injuries or accidents at the rally. We treated approximately 55 members over the three day period.

The following MOA members dedicated their time and medical expertise (this expertise included a certified massage therapist, 1st Responders, EMTs, Paramedics, RNs, and a medical doctor) to make sure that rally participants received prompt first aid treatment:
  • Barb Smith
  • Jeff Gehler
  • Gini Owens - North Forty 1st Aid station
  • Hank Pfister - North Forty 1st Aid station
  • Emmet Schmelig - It's only 63 miles to Buffalo, Wy
  • Kathy Bouwmeester
  • Ben Lower
  • Charles Christensen
  • Alton Wagnon - "The Doc"
  • Ralph Baker
  • Burt & Bev Pacal
  • Heidi Marie Cirulli
  • David McConnuchiz
  • Bill Tonkin
  • Dean Nord
  • Joel Miller
  • Michael Bailey
  • Wally Jarvis - Hey do you have the golf cart keys?
  • John Kennedy
  • Tom Fay

If I have omitted anyone or misspelled your name I apologize. Please IM me and I'll update the list. I would like to have a complete list for my report to the BOD and also for the article to the ON.

I would be remiss if I did not also thank the communications folks for the excellent support and the go-fers for keeping us stocked with ice and water.

P.S. Pat tells me he will be back next year.