My ride camera is a Canon A710IS p&s, which has served me well. My usual picture taking procedure is to stop the bike, put down the side stand, get the camera from the tank bag, walk a few feet or yards to a good spot, compose, and shoot (95% scenery shots).

BUT, I would like to use a polarizing filter and the A710 has no provision for accepting threaded-on filters. My questions: is there any practical way to attach a filter to this kind of camera? Could I buy a small sheet of polarizing plastic sheet and simply hold it in front of the lens? If so, who sells it?

I'm just a hobbyist so I could accept some reduction in photo quality, and I'd be able to use my left hand to hold something in front of the lens, if it comes to that. For me, part of the enjoyment of riding is to take a few impressive scenery shots for friends and family - I edit for max saturation and maybe I could enhance them further with the filter.