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Thread: A Journey to Raindog's

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    A Journey to Raindog's

    What better way to spend a few days than in Southern Oregon?

    I packed up and left on Thursday for a ride North. A little over 600 miles to the town of Yachats, Oregon. On my way out of town, little did I realize this would be as cool as it would be...looking back at the Golden Gate Bridge.

    For the most part, this is territory that's been covered. Hence very few pix until I decided on this one in Willits, California. Did I mention it's been over a hundred degrees since about San Rafael?

    I love riding. It's like you're immersed in your journey. Same way as when you're hiking or riding a bicycle. You can't help but be involved.

    The redwoods. Wow. Magnificent. Even the dead ones.

    Pretty soon, I was on the Oregon Coast. A site to behold. If you've not been, I can't recommend it enough. If you've been, you know what I'm talking about.

    Back on the bike and North. In areas I haven't been in a while, I often get caught looking. Riders will know what this means--for you non riders, it's when you're not paying enough attention to operate the motorcycle. So it's safer to slow down and enjoy the roses (so to speak).

    A few miles farther up the coast, I stopped for a look see and found this nice little picnic spot. Complete with a view and a place to rest the dogs.

    Eventually, I arrived in Gold Beach. Deciding to stop, I found myself a place to stay and then took a walk to dinner and a view of this bridge.

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    . It was designed and built by a French architect and was the first bridge of it's kind built in the United States.

    The next morning, I left for the remaining miles to the sleepy hamlet of Yachats. It's not too much farther up the coast and with the scenery, it would take a few hours for me to reach the place. With views like this, how could you not want to stop?

    All along the coast are Tsunami warning signs. This thing is the siren they'd use to advise of an impending big wave.

    Just a little farther up this road to my camping spot for the next couple of days.

    My slice of heaven on the farm

    Now the reason I'm even in Yachats is to celebrate, with a 100 or so of my friends, David's birthday.

    We call him Raindog over on advrider. If you'd like to know what that's all about, visit and read the about page. It's a commercial site just so you know.

    David arranged for entertainment. A bluegrass band, Whiskey Puppy, played on Friday night. Man, what a great group of musicians.

    We had a fire. It wasn't small.

    The next day, I took some time to visit Cape Perpetua and the Heceta Head Lighthouse (which I took a tour of).

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    A view from the Cape.

    Some of the native plants along the trail to the overlook.

    The lighthouse has been around a few years and is in good condition. At least as good as something that's over 100 years old.

    Modern electric lamps have a mechanism that allows a redundant lamp to be swung into place should the need arise.

    Circled by Hounds was the evening's entertainment. They are an Irish band. Also very good. Tim Hull and Casey Neill rounded out the evening with folk music.

    Nimbus lives on the farm. He's got an owner but is his own dog. Part wolf, I could see how this is.

    More fire and good conversation.

    All too soon, it was time to pack up and head South and home. Time well spent with friends new and old.

    It sounds all sappy but parting is such sweet sorrow. I look forward to another meeting soon.

    My journey home was down I5. Somewhat boring, it was made a tad tedious by the heat and smoke from the California wild fires. Here I am heading home.

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    One of the last shots I took was of Mt. Shasta. Normally an ominous looking mountain, it lies hidden behind a screen of smoke.

    A little over 12 hours in the saddle before arriving home.

    It was a great trip and as I said earlier, great to see my old friends and nice to meet new ones.

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    Thanks Ian; excellent. You'll no doubt get more comments when everyone's back from riding.

    I'm heading up into the south Kananskis this morning for a hike.


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    Thanks Rinty!

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    Great post and pics, Ian. Thanks so much for sharing. Uh . . . buy that pretty young thing some shoes! 8^)


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    A great time was had. As always, it was great to see you again. We should do this sort of thing more often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knary View Post

    A great time was had. As always, it was great to see you again. We should do this sort of thing more often.
    I still haven't come down off high from that trip. It's one I'll remember for a long time to come

    It was great to see you Scott.

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    Nice tale from the road. This is one of the best photos I've seen posted here

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    Quote Originally Posted by franze View Post

    Nice tale from the road. This is one of the best photos I've seen posted here
    Thank you for the kind compliment.

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    Great report. Looks like a blast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SNC1923 View Post
    Great report. Looks like a blast.
    It was. And the best part? It's still fresh in my mind.

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