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    Thankyou Karol and Deb...

    I don't know how you did it but you designed the most perfect weather out here that one could hope for. A storm at night...sorry about the tent fly blowing away to those who lost one, but the days have been incredibly nice. Sunny, breezy, and in the '80s.
    Hot damn!

    Oh wait, cowboy country...Yippee!

    Oh wait's a great rally too. We think well organized and well attended. Super facility.

    Viki and Jack
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    Jack Hawley MOA and RA #224, KE9UW ("Chuck")

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    From MARS
    They did do a good job, and they're gracious as well. During my stint on the main gate, Karol took the time to ride out and say "thank you".

    I didn't stay long, but what time I did spend there was great.


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    YES,big thank you Deb and karol

    Thanks for all the hard work over the last year. I for one had a good time, even if it was in Gillette! I helped out at registration, Wednesday and Thursday and ended up with 2 1/2 shifts and loved it, I had a lots of fun! I got to do the demo rides all three days, now that was a blast. It was nice to see all the venders that we don't have anywhere around here. I made new friends for all over. Thank you for the rally, you two did a outstading job!!!So, my hats off to you. Richard

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    Thumbs up Superb job, great Rally !!!

    Superb job on the rally, from a rally virgin. Amazing what you all pulled together with just volunteers. I put in some time at the charging booth, met lotsa folks, and had a great time. I'm working on my photos now.

    2002 R1150GS
    MOA #104910, Twisted Shaft Motorcycle Club #241

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    A big +1 I was quite taken back at how great the rally was! thanks to EVERYONE who helped put it together!

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    I want to add my thanks too! A fabulous facility! Well organized, well executed! Thanks also to all the volunteers that helped to make it a great event! Especially the Shuttle folks. Those shuttles to the N. 40 made the rally really work. A lot of folks missed out by not coming to Gillette.
    Hank Pfister
    Copper Hill, VA
    2007 R1200GS, 1973 R75/5/Dnepr, 1984 R100RS/Motovation.

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    Karol and Deb,

    You did a great job. Putting on a national rally is a lot of work and both of you worked hard. Every time I saw either one of you, you were always looking after the details which is what makes the difference.

    Thank you for all your hard work and making the rally a great time.

    Jim Lawrence

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    Great people; Good rally

    My 'greenhorn' 12 year old son and I rode beautiful back roads from British Columbia, and we both agree that this was a good rally for a bunch of reasons.

    We arrived early (Wedns) and stayed until Sunday, and we both volunteered (served coffee and bartended (he worked the tickets, not the product) - fun! I completed the Experienced Riders Course (I would highly recommend it - excellent instructors and boy did I learn alot!). We camped with family and friends at the Camplex site. As a result of these activities, we both met lots of great people, had lots of laughs and made lots of new friends. Local riding was very very good if you got off your duff - Devil's Tower, Spearfish Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Needles, and Custer Park made a super day trip (400 miles or so). Food was also good if you got off your duff - we particularly enjoyed nearby Pokey's bbq and Mona's mexican. Vendors were friendly if not numerous; the bands were entertaining and an interesting change from my preferred tunes.

    Bottom line: our 2008 rally enjoyment was in direct proportion to what we put into it, and as a result my son and I had a really good time. We didn't come to be spectators - we came to participate and experience. Reality check: although this rally was good, I thought last year's rally in Westbend was great, but hey, variety is the spice...

    Anyway - thank you for stepping up Karol and Deb, it's great volunteers like you that make MOA the excellent organization it is. I'm already looking forward to helping out at the next rally!
    Ed von Euw MOA 129934
    BeeCeeBeemers, Canada
    '97R850R, '081200GS

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    Thanks again

    Didn't get to say hi to either of you at the rally, you were both off and gone again too quickly. I have missed 3 National rallies since DuQuoin and back then only one of the family members was on a BMW! We make it part of our yearly vacation plans, last year was unavoidable due to dad getting sick two days before departure, but he's hanging in there. So, this year when my husbands health prevented him from riding, we decided to make the 3000 mile round trip in our RV(against doctors orders), 10 mpg, no bikes, yikes. We made do just like we would if we were in our tent mostly. We don't go to the rally for the food (nice if there is variety) but we make do with what's available or we forage, or the entertainment, some great, some not so hot. We go to see our friends from around the country that we may only get to see each year or two. We go to shop for all the farkles we think we may need for our bikes, knowing full well we could probably live without them. We go to see what each rally chair has come up with for ideas. We go to volunteer so we can see as many faces as possible. We go to hang out in the bier garten. We just go, it's what we do, part of who we are.
    So, to all our friends who called us every day of WestBend to keep us informed on what was going on and check on dad (and bring us mugs), thank you, that's why you are our friends.
    To Deb & Karol, thanks for over a years worth of hard work and planning, thanks again and we'll see you in TN!

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    Tina and I had a terrific time. Big props to Karol, Deb, Ray and the rest of the staff that helped make it a good time for so many.

    Like life, your rally will be what you choose it to be.
    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    Karol and Deb

    Thanks for organizing this event. I can't even begin to imagine all the details and hundreds of 'moving parts' to make this event come off smoothly. And with a volunteer army to boot!

    I did my research and did not come expecting trees (and was not disappointed) but was astounded by the utterly fantastic scenery and rides that Wyoming and the neighboring states offered. What an inspired selection of a locale - if not for MOA and your rally, I would never have ridden these roads.

    Thanks for EVERYTHING you did.....seen and unseen.

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    This was my first MOA rally (Greenhorn!) and I had a blast. Everything at the rally exceeded my expectations. The organization of everything was amazing, it totally blew me away. I helped out in registration (May I help YOU?) and had such a good time. It was fun to see all the road numb warriors trying to find their reg stuff. Most everyone was grinning ear to ear just to be there (sans one grumpy old fart‘«™but let‘«÷s forget him). The demo rides, seminars, beer garden, venders (and everything else) were awesome.

    My only rally annoyance is directed at the small minority of whiners. If you didn‘«÷t like the rally, step up and run the next rally and show us how it should be done.

    Thank you Karol and Deb. I can‘«÷t even imagine how much how much time and effort went to making this rally happen. I would like to apologize for those who can‘«÷t or won‘«÷t appreciate what you two have accomplished.
    Scott Wynter
    Pleasant Hill, CA
    1971 R75/5 SWB, 2013 F800GS
    BMWMOA, Central Cal, IBA, ECV.

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