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Thread: Fuel vent hoses in the tank- how to replace

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    Fuel vent hoses in the tank- how to replace

    I changed the fuel filter on my 1996 R1100RT a month ago. During very hot weather (it's easily 90 degrees plus in the closed garage lately), I noticed a small amount of gas (at most a teaspoon) coming from the vent hose that would go to the canister (that's been removed). Today I noticed the same amount but it came from both vent hoses (overflow and vent). So it looks like the old vent hoses inside the tank have been disturbed or have slight cracks or something. I bought a two meter length of vent hose from the dealer, and am ready to replace the vent hoses inside the tank. I know where the vent hoses connect to the plate where the fuel filter is located. Do I have to also remove the tank filler to get to the stubs where the vent hoses connect at the tank filler end?


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    Yes, you need to remove the gas cap assembly and the fuel pump plate assembly on the bottom side. You will need new o-rings for the gas cap assembly and the fuel pump plate, and new clamps for the vent hoses. I would probably change the fuel filter as well. has these o-rings and clamps for much less than the dealer charges, although their shipping charges are steep. I think they are in NJ tho....maybe you can pick them up from Mike directly and save a few $$.
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    I thought I read somewhere that the vent hoses inside the tank are made of a special rubber that resists constant gasoline exposure. I could be wrong on this. Maybe someone else can correct me if I'm wrong.
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    That would explain my leaks after a canisterectomy.....
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    Now would be a perfect time to move the filter out of the gas tank.
    Be sure and use gasoline submersible hose for everything inside the tank.

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