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Thread: Kenwood FRS mount

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    Kenwood FRS mount

    I'm using the recommended Kenwood FRS radio for bike-to-bike communications through my Autocom and would like to know where/how others are mounting the radio. I also use the Autocom PTT switch (because the VOX is so unreliable). Does anyone make a good looking mount for both the radio and the PTT switch that uses the (unused) mirror hole on my RT controls? The Saeng mount has no provision to secure the radio - at least none that's obvious to me from the images on their web site.
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    I place the FRS radio in my tankbag connected to the Autocom under my seat (K1200RS). I also have the PTT switch which I zip-tied to my mirror (see attached pic) and ran the cable under the fuel tank. You may be able to bolt the switch in the same location through the unused mirror mount hole.

    If you have an idea what you would like an FRS and PTT switch mount to look like, you should give Saeng a call. They might be able to mix and match parts to create the mount you want. That's what they did to create the mount I wanted for my radar detector.

    I wouldn't call the VOX unreliable but it does take a second for the FRS to begin transmitting (much longer than the intercom VOX takes) and cuts off the first word. Perhaps this is what you meant. If not, moving the mic closer to your mouth might help.

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