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Thread: how do I hook up my dual plugs?

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    Question how do I hook up my dual plugs?

    I have a 1978 R100/7 with dual pluged heads that does not have the lower plugs hooked up. I have a pair of Dyna coils, green color 3 ohms that are not on the bike, what else other than 2 more plug wires do I need, or need to do? Help.

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    You can look at my post about "Troubleshooting a Dyna Ignition" for some info. Otherwise I think you want the lower 1.5 ohm coils if you are running dual plugs...but you had better check with Dyna to be sure.

    To wire them you run the igniton hot lead to coil one positive, then a jumper wire from coil one negative to coil two positive, then the brown wire from the module goes from the negative side of coil two to the module. This places the coils in series so that a single pickup/module setup can fire them at the same time.

    Good Luck

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