For those of you who read my last ride report to a Maine SP, you'll know that my new Eureka tent and LLBean pad were lost somewhere on SR11 between Millinocket and Dover Foxcroft.

Well, I'm happy to report that on THIS trip, I didn't lose a THING! WOO HOO!!! The weekend couldn't have been better. Sunny, dry, puffy clouds.

We were down one bike as Wendy's ride was in the shop and not quite ready to go, something that actually proved fortuitous later on.

While the SP was only about 80 miles from my house, we decided to take the long way around, turning a 90 minute ride into a 275 mile trip thru NH.

Near the top of the K.

If you EVER have a chance to be on the west end of the K in Lincoln NH, I strongly recommend the Gypsy Cafe. Excellent food and VERY reasonable prices

Shooting over my helmet, amazed that it came out that good

Homemade Flip-A-Lever (thanks Dad!) means the right hand is now useful - somewhere on I93

We turned northeast around Franconia, heading for US2 which skirts the top of the White Mountain National Forest

In Gorham we headed up SR16 toward Errol. This is a beautiful road that follows the Androscoggin river that flows all the way from Lake Umbagog on the Maine/NH border near Canada to the Atlantic Ocean in the Bath/Brunswick area. At a bio-break in Errol NH, our rider took over driving duties on Kathy's bike. Kathy's not a strong rider and truth be told she prefers riding on the back of her husband's FZ. But she agreed to ride her own bike for at least a while. It was fortunate that we changed over when we did. 16 into Maine is a twisty patch with some rough pavement. While on that stretch we encountered dozens of rally cars and support vehicles heading west out of Maine. It seems that the Maine Forest Rally had just ended and the teams were heading out. It was kind of neat to watch some of the fully prep'd rally cars in their team livery zooming past, followed by trucks and trailers and box trucks. Team Subaru was well represented for sure!
We arrived at the campground around 6, set up camp and headed to the beer store down the road. Tim had a solution for keeping the beer cold, Givy trunks ARE useful - thats a 30 pack with ice!

My wife breakin the law!

Beautiful Rangeley Lake

Just a great trip all around, great ride, great weather, great friends. That's what it's supposed to be about isn't it?