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Thread: Bill Mayer Saddle Rocks!

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    Bill Mayer Saddle Rocks!

    I received my Bill Mayer custom saddle the end of March and have not been able to or more truthful, have not felt like riding do to a pending divorce. Oh well another story. Anyway, I have done a couple of local rides, and found it to be comfortable, but since I found the stock saddle ok for local rides, the acid test came this weekend when I rode to Colorado. I left on Thursday morning from Phoenix and ended up in Boulder, CO 14 hours later Thursday evening, all told 785 miles and I did not experience any discomfort or soreness even after my arrival. This morning I left from Greeley, CO and returned home to Phoenix with 915 miles and 15 hours in the saddle (no pun intended) and again no discomfort or pain. To put it in comparison, the last time I made the same ride back in October on the stock seat, I experienced some discomfort at about 150 miles or so. I would typically gas up at about 175 to 250 miles and would be fine again till somewhere about the 150 mile mark. This scenario repeated itself each time getting worse. After about 900 miles, I was not so anxious to go any further. With the BMS, I only stopped because i reached my destination, I could have easily gone further. Obviously I highly recommend BMS. Besides a great product, they are great folks to do business with, great customer service.

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    r1150* riders seem to universally love sargent/mayer seat replacements. i think im going to have to do this too. i find that after about 45 minutes, [said like sol from the jerky boys] my ass is killing me. ive been telling myself i'll get used to it, or im a marshmallow butt, or whatever, but i dont. and i keep reading post after post on the board from super satisfied owners of these saddles.

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