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Thread: Looks like, some of you are here!

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    Things are going well on the Gillette trip.

    The first day I turned on the 4-way flashers and could not turn them off. Finally after an hour of driving I had to remove the flasher module and plug it in again. That took care of it. I won‘«÷t turn them on again.

    Was also dripping a little oil. Had to tighten the chrome valve covers and that took care of this issue.

    South Dakota is nothing but grass (few trees). I can see why there were millions of buffalo. Not much traffic on I-90 West bound ($4.00 a gallon make that no surprise)

    I had a flat today. Go figure!!! New Metzler tires and picked up a screw.

    Made it to a gas station with free air (How unusual is that?) and a friendly Gold-Wing owner had a tire repair plugging kit. He fixed it and we are on are away again. I don‘«÷t go much faster than 65 MPH so I suspect the plug will be OK, it does not leak.

    None the less, while it has been challenging, it so far has been a cool trip and the BMW R1100RT is fun to ride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tessler View Post
    Hey Voni

    Did the Camp GEARS T-shirts come out ok and did they ever get a few RED ones made for you?

    Enjoy the Rally! Wish I was there.
    Sure did!! Mine in RED is the best but the young riders look way cool in blue!


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