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Thread: Tourmaster elite Rainsuit?

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    Tourmaster elite Rainsuit?

    Well, I just got back from an interesting weekend trip in central FL on the old K75 and I ran into quite a bit of rain. For the first time I used my Tourmaster Elite rainsuit and went through an hour or two of pretty steady rain.

    What a disappointment!! I might as well have left it off for as wet as I got water not only seemed to seep in everywhere, the jacket seemed completely unable to stop any rain at all - the pants did a little better, but within an hour I was completely soaked.

    A couple of querstions and requests for suggestions:

    1. Has anybody else used this rainsuit and was their luck any better than mine?
    2. What do you all recommend in the way of a good rain suit?

    Thanks for any suggestions/advice!!
    Tom Mieczkowski
    1987 K75S

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    I've been using them for about ten years and have always been happy. I switched to waterproof textile jackets a while back, but I still use the Elite pants... including a 700 mile day when the last 350 was all steady rain, and I stayed dry as a bone. -They usually start to leak a little after a couple years or so, and camp-dry will get them thru another season, but I've never had anything like you describe.... that sucks. Maybe a call to the manufacturer?

    That's why whenever a non-rider asks me if my stuff is waterproof I say "well... so far..."
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    Hey Tom,

    I don't have any experience with the Tourmaster Elite, but I recently bought a Nelson-Rigg VLT-700 two piece rainsuit. I also live in central Florida so we know how much it rains around here this time of year. I tried mine out in violent rain storm (unintentional) and found it to work very well. I read several reviews on rain suits and this one seemed to work well for most reviewers. It cost more than my last one, but it proved to be worth it on that day. If you decide to order one, get it a size larger than you normally would. They seem to run small. This info was also in the reviews so I did just that. If you live in Florida, you MUST have a good rain suit. Good luck.


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    I have been using a Tourmaster Elite II 1 piece with great results, as long as I remember to put the storm flap all the way down. I have been using TourMaster 1 and 2 piece suits for the last 5 years with great results. As a previous poster said, they last 2-3 years and then they seem to leak at every seam. If it is fairly new, I would agree a call to the Mfg would be in order.

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    Does anyone have any experience with the Tourmaster Sentinel series rain jackets? They are more expensive than the Elite II models, but I like the idea of a breathable rip-stop nylon construction. Plus, it comes in bright colors, has good pockets, an under helmet hood for frog stranglers as well as some ventilation.

    Another question about Tourmaster raingear is that it is supposed to be sized to fit over other gear. I usually wear a size large (i.e. 44) riding jacket, so will a large Sentinel fit properly over my large Savannah2 jacket?

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    I've had the same Neese Dryrider one piece rainsuit for at least 20 years and it still serves me well. No leaks as long as I remember to put the flap over the zipper.

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