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Thread: Missing Question ; Washed bike

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    Missing Question ; Washed bike

    That sounded wierd. Missing question. I washed the R 80 1986 this past weekend to get off some spots that were there when we bought it and some we got on it repairing all the stuff after we got the bike. I used some Gunk to brake the oily greasy spots then washed off the gunk and all. NOW lucky me I have a miss. I can hear but I can feel real good and it is definately missing.
    I am 99.9 percent sure that it is moisture in a spark point somewhere, like when you wash the car engine and have to pull the distributor cap and dry it out to get it to run again.
    So on this model bike the R 80 1986 which does have some differences from the older models I understand. Where is the most problemsum place for this , the coil or??? Could it be in the front cover with the diode board and stuff. All this area got wet Im sure.
    Thanks for the help as always it is "GREAT"!
    Jim and Esther

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    one , check float bowls for water, then check relays for clean connections, check coil conecters and check coils for cracks, exspecially if its a dual tower coil.

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    When checking for secondary spark breakdown "back in the day", it was useful to wait until after dark and fire up the engine. Look for sparks around the coil, along the length of the plug wires and around the plugs.

    On an airhead, I would open the fuel tap(s) to fill the carbs. Close the tap, and pull the tank, and crank it up in the dark. It should run plenty long enough to inspect the entire secondary ignition system.

    If the missfire is gone by the time you get that far - look closely for fine cracks in the coil that may have held water for a while.
    Mark J
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    Most common thing is your plug wire..............Often times, depending upon the type of actual plug ends you have, the original big ol klunky ones will allow water in there and cause a short..................Most often letting it dry will cure this...........

    I wouldnt worry about taking off the tank and checking out stuff or even the float bowls other than to see if perhaps you have a bead of water down in the bottom floating around.......


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    It does not run like a gas in water problem where it cuts out it is a steady miss to a vibration point. So I dont think the carb pots are a problem. I have new wires by PO that have NKG or something on the head of them and they apear pretty new but who knows I will pull them and blow and water displace the connection areas and check it. I was in the rain also before this all happened and it handled the rain ok so I suspect somewhere "I" put water not a natural place for rain to go. I figure probally coil to wire connection, or diode area???
    Thanks for all the tips too they will be checked out for sure even if I dont think they are an issue they well could be.
    Jim and Esther

    Dont forget to change the air in your tires it that time of year

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    Quote Originally Posted by grumpyone View Post
    ......I was in the rain also before this all happened and it handled the rain ok so I suspect somewhere "I" put water not a natural place for rain to go. I figure probally coil to wire connection, or diode area???
    Just out of morbid curiosity, when you pull the dipstick is it milky

    If it is, you know what that means, but I doubt it'd cause a miss. However, it could indicate that water (and therefore air) could be getting in somepleace underneath. If you spray WD40 in each spark plug wire end, that should take care of h2o, then when running spray it liberally on the intake tubes between the carbs and the cylinder head. If idle increases, you have a leak. Could also be an exhaust leak--is it possible you sprayed it while still hot causing a crack?

    ...just some way out blue sky ideas.
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