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Thread: RT on Mt. Washington

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    RT on Mt. Washington

    I finally got to go up to Mt Washington. I had a great time riding with my wife. Here is a photo from one of the pull-offs on the Auto Road (the summit was socked in with dense fog). We had a great trip. We rode about 2000 miles in 5 days of riding. We were never in a hurry, and we only spent about hour on the freeway one day (as we were hitting every small town doing 25 mph when the freeway was less than 1 mile away. I may write up a ride ride report, but this was being posted for the photo, not the report.
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    nice, I did that on 4th of july weekend for the first time as well, its a fun ride for sure
    my report is on adv so I'm not sure if I should make one here

    click this to see it

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    We were there after the Vermont rally two years ago. What a great time of year to poke around New England. We spent the week after the rally with no plans and no direction. Just rode all day, found a motel, and continued on the next day.

    For those who've never been there, the Kancamagus Highway (spelling??) shouldn't be missed.

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    Riding and photographing...

    There is dirt up at the top

    But most of it's paved
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