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Thread: Can participants tent on Wednesday night?

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    Can participants tent on Wednesday night?

    Was not able to clarify this from previous threads. I see that registration is not scheduled to open until Thursday AM but is it ok to camp on the grounds Wednesday night and register the next morning?


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    Yes you can. Security will sign you in Wednesday night and then you can stop by registration Thursday morning.

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    I thought we couldn't get in until Thursday morning so we stopped short... at the Devil's Tower KOA for the night. This is a decent KOA. They have hand dipped ice cream here!

    Had breakfast with most of the Gateway Riders on their way to the rally at the Perkins in Spearfish this morning. They rode on to the rally and hubby and I drove the Spearfish Canyon scenic highway, stopped in Deadwood and came on over here to Devil's Tower.

    We should only be a 1000 or so back in the registration line in the morning.
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    Traditionally, folks who get in on Wednesday are Rally Volunteers--get in early and sign up for a shift. It's a fair trade, and once you are a Rally Volunteer, you probably will do it again and again and.........
    Onward, through the fog!

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